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I love this place but these last few times (pass week) I have to fight to get it going? The pictures don't load, is the big problem. I always get taken back to the home page, are the blue lines show up? Yes, I have clean my cookies, done a clean sweep, and reboot? HELP, please

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What browser are you using? Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer.

Most persons have noted that they must have the newest update of most of the browsers to have Auctiva work correctly. (I use all three browsers and have all 3 updated to the newest versions, so I don't have a problem)

Have you enabled your pop up blocker to allow Auctiva? Sometimes that will freeze a page or it just looks like a refresh but actually it's the pop up blocker not working.

My Best,
I don't know all about browser. I am on aol, use auctiva and get my pictures off my computer. I do have internet explorer, I used it one time and it worked once for one auction and then the same thing will happen. I been here for a long time and I'm at a lost. They had said before it's my computer but then again they have told others it is their computer. I went and did the cookie thing, clean sweep and reboot, come back and still does it. There is times it will work without a problem and then there is this happen at other times. I can't help feeling there is something in auctiva that keeps sending it back to this.
There's your answer.

Your're using Auctiva via AOL.

Aol's internal browser acts up in most sites. It's the reason when you're viewing an internet page and it this link..or if you're an AOL user use this link. Designers have to go farther out of their way to accomodate AOL's "kinked" up browser.

Don't sign out of AOL, merely Minimize your window and there should be an E on your desktop. Click it and then update to the latest version.

Voila! You're done and working on the real internet. Or if you want you can download Firefox and get the latest version.

It's all tied to your AOL connection.


Best Wishes,
This site, although I really like it, does give me fits as well sometimes. I had to login seven times today in order to get to my listings... I'd login, then click the listings tab, then it would take me right back to the login screen again.

Clearing the cache and all that jazz is not a permanent fix...nor should it ever be considered to be a permanent fix. There is something else going on, and it's not on my machine. The folks here need to do some fiddling around and make it so that the site is no so finicky some times...

I've pretty much relegated myself to using Auctiva when I've determined that most other people are not using the site (in other words I don't use it on Sundays anymore)... The busier this place is, the more problems I have using it...and that certainly is not related to the type of browser that I am using...

Just my stray thoughts on the topic...
I have been having the same problem with being re-directed to the log in page numerous times when trying to list. Also when I clicked on "manage Images" I get my folder list and other weird things have been happening. I don't use AOL, have the latest Firefox, etc. Get tired of being told to clean my cache to correct any and all problems.

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