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Hi Brian,

Your Store looks good. Your listings look good.

Recommendations: Be sure to do an About Me page and My World page. Also have an email/newsletter; your newsletter doesn't have to be fancy or long just something to keep people coming back. Also, I would recommend having at least one item at auction so you can direct people to your new store. With eBay's new policy on Stores, no one will ever find your store unless you list a very unique item (the more different items at auction the better for your store). As an aside, I am closing my eBay Store at the end of December because of the increasing fees and the restriction on Store searches. Check out eCrater for a free store. A lot of people on Auctiva have stores over there. Good Luck.


Our eBay Store (Closing Soon !)

Our eCrater Store: Free Shipping & Insurance, Avon, Arbonne, Stuffed Animals, Christmas, and of course Coins & Collectibles

Cash Back on Purchases !!


With their new policy, all Auction items (what eBay calls their Core) show up first. At the bottom of each page are eBay Express listings. A buyer has to find See additional Buy It Now items from eBay Store sellers and click on that to finally get to your Store Listings. Most buyers will not wade through all of the auction items. With eBay Express you have to have a feedback rating of 100 or higher to list there. And there are some PayPal requirements also. A knowledgeable buyer can click on Buy It Now at the top left when they search and get to your Store Items. So basically, no one will find you unless you do advertising, auctions, newsletters, blogs, etc. I tried to find a couple of your items by doing a search and could not find them. Not sure why. Hope my rambling made some sense. All I know is there are a lot of unhappy Stores people who are closing their Stores.

Everything looks good in your store. Logo, colors etc.

Here's my two cents:

Ditto everything Doug/DLOHO stated and everything Ineedsomehelp stated. (minus the nj comment)

Go open a free ecrater store and build that up also. Google/Froogle grabs those and puts them into search engines. Then work on opening your own ecommerce store under your own domain.

Good Luck,

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