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Hi Lisa, WOW... whats in your attic????? Think about your market, % of Woman to Men, Age most likely to buy or view the auction or store. I think Blues sell, and white is a pure color. Are they Static images with the color. If not move #3 to a Blue background. The picture of the angel in #1 is nice. So in summary - The Angel in #1, The color of Blue in #2 and the Text from #2 and #3 clouds. I sound just like a Gemini huh?? Mike

I need you to email me in regards to the number one logo. I believe theres an issue with the first logo you need to be aware of.
Suthrnjewl @ Suthrnjewl dot com

Number two would be perfect for lingerie..and whatta eye catcher! Wowzer!

Number three has my, it's all inclusive and could cover all types of items.

Gosh eWonder I'd not thought of the ink cartridges being used when printing..Good input!
I learned something today..YEAH!

Take care, Donna
Wow, thanx guys so much I didn't think of, lol. As far as to what I sell none of them relate except the name of my store is Angel's ... now I'm not sure if I want to use any of them. I'm just so confused, you would think choosing a logo would be easy but after selling for over a year I STILL don't have one that I feel fits.

And D...NO I didn't make them, I don't have a clue how to if I did maybe I could get out whats on my brain instead of trying to explain it, lol. They were made from members on the store board.

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