Hi, 1st off All of you are awesome & a great bunch of people!!!! I decided to open a basic store and didnt realize how hard it would be. lol. I currently have a bunch under my user id lexisluxuries and used the same account and named it Lexi's Luxuries. All auction items are ok & also show in the store. What do I have to do to do & can I still use Auctiva for my Ebay store(not Auctiva Store)Also any tips on how to create categories would be awesome. I havent created any yet so all items are in "other" category. Also where would I find a store template design and/or logo help thru Auctiva. I love it here and dont want to change. Thanks in advance for any help!!!Hugs, Suzanne
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Hi, Thanks much for the reply! I would like the have the same template design as my auctions in the store. I chose the basic store and did quick setup. When I go into manage my store I added categories but they dont show in the store. I was able to customize the active screen so I could read it simply. Do I have to do anything in Auctiva settings? I did the update ebay categories, but not sure why they are not showing. I tried to move active listings into the categories,but was not able to figure it out. I also wanted to create a logo and have a storefront that would match or be similar to my auctions. Does Auctiva have store templates that I could use on an Ebay store? I wasnt sure exactly how to build on the listing frame and customize it. Any suggestion? Thanks much!!!Any help is great, Suzanne
Hi Suzanne,

You will need items in the category for it to show up in your store listing of categories. To move active items into categories you will need to revise the item and select the Store Category for the item in the listing. You can do this through Auctiva > Listings > Active. Just select the item you wish to revise and then click the Revise button at the top.

This does not answer all your questions, but this is the 1 I have time currently to deal with. (It was the simplest!) Smile
Bro James, You are a sweetie! Thanks much!! Although I am somewhat computer challenged and cant figure out how to use all of the features, I was able with your help to do it! Thanks again, Suzanne
Hello All,
Wish this thread would go on more. Lots of changes since I was here last. Where are the counters? And how do I use the scrolling auction on the bottom of my listings again? And can I use the free templates in my listings and will they show up in my store? And can I use the templates in my store? Ebay Store...cranky betty store on ebay.
Hi, why not use the find facility here, all these questions have been covered in the last week or so in the various boards Smile

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