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He everyone. Ok, creating a new listing and all that, I don't have a problem with. Can someone just tell me if I'm able to use auctiva with my current ebay store listings. All I want to do is change my ebay store to an auctiva store. I don't like the storefronts with ebay. None of my current listings are showing up in my auctiva store. They're in my folder marked imported but if I list them on auctiva that would be like creating the auctions all over again right? I just want to change my current ebay store, with the current auctions, over to an auctiva store. Possible or no? Thanks
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Sure you can create listings on Auctiva for your ebay store. Your current listings will remain the same (that you did in Ebay before using Auctiva)unless you create the listing again here in Auctiva. I believe there is a way to use the template here on Auctiva for those current auctions but it can be a cumbersome process. I would look under the listing board or image board for a thread on that (If you cannot find how to do that, I can help find it for you).

You "Auctiva Store" is basically any items you currently have on Ebay, either in your store or in auctions. It is not something you can use in place of your ebay store, it is just another tool to help you sell.

As far as your current listings showing up in your auctiva store, maybe file a help request to expedite having them import over. I believe that that can be done but I am not sure.

Hope that helps, if not please let us know as everyone is here to help!


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