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ok, I sell Pre-sale items, so a few weeks, or months ago I had listed 2 PSP on another auction site, I had thought I sold it as a Refurb, but in fact I listed as New. Because I dont normally sell on other auction site I didnt bother to even pay attention to the auction. But it sold, one of the people paid, but I decided to refund there money because they weren't verifed address, so the other is shipped and I get a email saying it was not new, will return and do a CC charge back.

So I tell them ok, I will be happy to refund your money plus the return shipping, but wait untill I give you an RA#, next day I call my drop-shipper, they give me the number, I then email it to them, afew day goes by no response(Im getting happy thinking maybe they decided to keep it, and not go through the trouble).

So today I get a email asking to send Pre-Paid label, I honestly don't even know what they are, or where to get them, or what to do when I get them. So someone please tell me WHAT to Do????????????????????????
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How about advising them to return the item, send you a copy of the mailing receipt, and you will include the amount in the total refund. After all, they are trusting that you will make the refund, why are they being so careful to make sure they don't get stuck for the return postage? Their request is not a standard business practice as far as I know. I would state that this is your "return policy" and be firm.(unless someone has more experience with this and has a better plan)
That was one of my first emails with them, and I personaly trust that method more, but i dont really think there reading the emails, because Ive emailed them serval times about return shipping, but apparently Im not dealing with the person who purchased the item but rather the mother(which seem odd), I even went as far as asking the to scan or take a picture of the shipping reciept and I will refund them
i googled pre-paid the moment I got there email, USPS was the first site i went to, I then clicked the postage link next to there name in my PayPal account, and i figure thats how it would be done, but wouldn't i have to send these labels to them, that is what there asking, could I email it to them, i dont think so. Maybe if they have label printing paper. And mailing it to them would take to long

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