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Smile WELCOME to Auctiva
By the time you read this They have probably shown up. But for future reference as told to me and from what you can read on the community forum pages.
Auctiva is a third party host to E-bay which means anything coming in from a place other than Ebay's own listings, has to be run thru a Fraud Protection Sweep.
This feature although is to protect accounts from being entered by fraudulent scammers, makes our uploading of the listings slower.
If I relist thru E-bay it will show right away, if I do a new listing thru Auctiva it can take up to 6 hrs for it to show up in e-bay search.
I may see my listings in my Ebay Seller Page, but if I click on an auction and go to View sellers other items, these new listings wont show up.
If you take the listing # and plug that into advanced search, it will be visible. But actual viewing for customers on ebay will take a bit.
For right now, this is the way it goes. If I have made a mistake on my reply, I am sure one of the Longer-term members can correct it.
I just wanted to ease your mind, that your listings are there and that they will show up, it just takes time to get thru the e-bay security system.
SmileAuctiva ROCKS I love it and I hope you will too Smile
Hi olde.english,
You said they're not showing in your 'my ebay' page, or they're not showing when you do a search?
If they show in 'my ebay' which is for your eyes only,and you're not finding them in a search it just means they haven't indexed yet. (Takes time, but they will)
BUT-(a possible scenario) if you don't see them at all in 'my ebay' they may not have posted. Sometimes in Auctiva, for whatever reason, there is a failure to post. I just had one not post that had a problem with the template. Check the top of your Auctiva home page for 'events'...if it reads zero, you should be fine. If not, you may have to try again.

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