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(Sorry, my english is poor.)

I'm a spanish seller.
All my announcements have the black background (I use the Front Page and TurboLister) and does a little time, eBay to changed something in the announcements, that the backgrounds works out white. I have many announcements to the sale, and I wanted to know if in AUCTIVA I can select all the announcements that I have and a background to put them, since if not, I would have to do it of one in one Mad Frown

Thank you very much for helping myself, regards.
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If you have the same information in your listings, I'm sure you have created profiles for those things, right? So, if you need to make changes to your announcements or other information in your listings, then make the changes in your profiles as you need to, and that should take care of updating.

Of course, the new information will only be in new listings you create, not the listings you already have on ebay.

I hope I have understood your trouble and have been able to give you good information to fix things.

Best of luck.

For auctions that you have already posted to eBay you might find it harder to revise your "background" ( or "Template") than it is worth your time. Going forward and posting new items to ebay with a background or "Template" can easily be done using our Lister Page.

When you signed up with Auctiva did we import all of your previous listings that you wish to revise?

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