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Posted March 01, 2008 10:39 PM
HI,I sure would apreciate some help.I,m writing a 45 page Ebook on word pad and I would like to know how is the easyist way to get it to Ebay auction site autodigital DELIVERY or Auctiva?
Also I noticed that the writing is continues not seperated by pages,how can that be done? I,m 71 years old and with limited skills on the computer ,so if possable to help me step by step, I would be very gratefull for this help. I THANK YOU VERY MUCH. TONY
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Hi Tony,

I think it's wonderful you're writing and selling at 71. I sure hope I remain that ambitious and creative. I'm only 55. Wink

Got some suggestions that might help.

Auctiva wouldn't host or deliver your eBook. Essentially, Auctiva just helps build your listing and host pictures for your listing. They don't currently store eBook or other downloadable materials. That delivery could be done in one of several ways, but the easyist method would be to eMail the book to the buyer after payment. A 45 page book should be small enough in size (bytes or characters) to make that do-able to even low-speed internet users. Here's an Ad on eBay suggesting that delivery method.

Since the book is in WordPad (Microsoft), that could represent some problems for a recipient that doesn't use Windows, like an Apple MAC user. Not a big MAC user, so don't know if they can handle WordPad document for viewing. Note, the seller on the Ad uses .PDF format and the Acrobat Reader. Acrobat and .PDF format is generally universal. The Acrobat Reader is free, but you'd need an Editor or translation software to change your text from WordPad format to .PDF format.

Also, ebaY has some restrictions in policy you might want to review for selling eBooks.

Hope that helps and makes sense. Please fire-back any questions and I'm sure that I or someone can help with any details or howto on any specific items.

Auctiva has a good Tutorial you can use to help get you started with listing.


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