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I am trying to upload the rest of my listing into images. I've called many times but they always are busy. I sent messages. I have 16 listings on ebay and I want to manage them. Only a small portion of these 16 images will upload. I am trying to get a modem to make my compitr move faster. The guy is supposed to install one next week. In spite of dial up auctiva downloaded 1/3 of my images the first night. I have about 7 of them marked with a watermark. I always watermark images but my scanner broke and I'm trying to watermark these images. I should explain I use these images all the time. Image theft is the main reason I joined.
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My listings are on ebay. Most of them end on Sunday. I have been pulling some images from my computer and managed to watermark 2 of them. I have dial up and asked a man to bring a modem to install to speed things up next week. He can't come until Wednedsay. So betwen dial up slow speed and general ignorance on how to get my current listings. My computer is going so slow I couldn't watch a tutorial. I just don't understand how of the original 17 listings on ebay how auctivia only pulled up 6. Only a few I managed to pull off my computer have been added to my managed listings.
I take it you do not have the original images already on your PC from when you created the listings.

If you can see your listings on ebay which include the images you are trying to recover you can copy the images from the listings yourself.

Display these listings on your PC in turn and then right click your mouse on each of the images and select "save picture as" to copy the required images to your hard drive.

Then you could upload them to Auctiva like an original admittedly limited in size to probably 400 x 300 pixels if landscape and then watermark them ready for reuse.

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