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Originally posted by alta77:
To maximize the potential of eBays 10 day listing with the maximum exposer you can list your item on Thursdays and get two weekends for buyers to look at your auction. Auctiva updates their site every Thursday night. This prevents sellers from listing items on Thursday night getting the two weekend benefit. I think Auctiva should change their updating night to possibly Wednesdays since choosing 3,5,7 or 10 days on Wednesday does not give maximum exposer. Answer the poll and let Auctiva know what you think..

Frankly this really should be a non-issue. Statistically a 10 day listing is a waste of money. 80% of all bidding is done on the last day of a listing and 19% is done on the first day when the listing shows up in the newly listed search. A 7 day listing is sufficient where a 10 day listing only lines the pocket book of Ebay.
Hi barparts, I mostly agree, particularly on much sort after and very cheap items bidding occurs in the last seconds, the advantage for me to have 10 day listings is that as one set is near finishing another set has gone live.

This encourages buyers to accumulate items from week to week, so I list weekly for 10 days.

It is another example of different set ups advantage different sellers especially as the fees structure is different here in the UK to the USA. Cool

In general however we usually get charged more here than state-side of the pond. Frown

Maintenance day/night, please keep as is Smile

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