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Some choice so far:
1. A smug, pompous, greedy jack-ass, who lucked out, with a successful company, that even a monkey could run
2. A liberal govenor who will do far worse for California, than the current CEO of eBay is doing.
Somehow, I'm beginning to think i'd rather have Gumby back in office; and Californians know how wonderful he was.
No wonder California is in such bad shape. The best the two parties can come up with is these two?
I guess all we need now is for Meg to John Donahoe to run as Lt. Govenor.
And my gosh, PSM, have we not learned anything from politicians and expectancy of "change"? When Obama promised change, NOBODY, or not enough people anyway, asked, "Change to what?" If you change from a catepillar to a beautiful butterfly that's great. But, if you change to a werewolf, not so great. Change is NOT ALWAYS a great thing.

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