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I regularly have problems with pop-ups hanging here because the main page (the listing page, for example) is busy doing something and it hangs up any other window trying to access the site.

For example, let's say I'm working on a listing and I hit the Preview button. Well, if the listing page is suddenly transferring data (I guess that's what it's trying to do) then it'll stall the pop-up preview window.

Also, if I have Auctiva open in more than one window (say, my listing in one and Help in the other) then if one of the windows starts transferring data it makes the other one hang.

Whatever activity is taking place isn't because I've just hit Error Check or anything like that. It seems random (although it may be at regular intervals, I haven't timed it).

When this happens I can hit the Stop button on the active window and the pop-up/other window will work fine then.

So what I'm trying to figure out is if this is a problem here at Auctiva or if it's on my end somehow.

I'm using Firefox 1.5 on Windows XP.

Any thoughts?
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Hi Rick,

There actually is a transfer going on at regular intervals, in order to update the Events count at the top of the screen. If this process was bogged down for some reason I could see the possibility of it hanging up other windows that are dependant on the page that is loading.

We will look into this further on Monday and let you know, but I don't think it is at your end.

-- Auctiva David
I am having the same problem error check, save to folder, post all hang and after about 10 minutes it says cannot find page, then up top underneath signout on the green bar it is frozen and looks to say page cannot be found, yes have deleted files and deleted cookies explorer is up to date! Sure could use some help I seem to have a lot of problems with listings any help would be appreciated, everytime I file for help get the same answers
I've been having the very same problem. Everything will be fine for a while, and then I can't add images or choose a template or schedule an auction, and if I don't catch it quick enough, I can't even save the listing I've been working on! The only thing I've found that helps is to reboot the whole computer and that takes 10-15 minutes or more. Very frustrating. Any ideas what I can do to solve this problem? Thanks!!

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