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I am looking into using Auctiva to manage my auctions but I had a question about shipping. Is it possible to print USPS First Class Large Envelope (not package) postage from Auctiva? Many of the items I am selling are very small and using FC Large envelope would save me shipping costs. Unforunately Ebay and Paypal will not let you print this type of label online.

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for posting your question here. I am not entirely sure we offer the specific type of label you are referring to, but we do offer a few "Package Type" choices for USPS First Class Mail shipping and I believe the one called “Flat(Certified Only)” may be suitable for the shipment of your items.

If you click the “Get Shipping Label” button next to an item on the Transactions page within your Auctiva account and select “First Class” from the “Shipping Service” drop down menu, you should then be able to see these options in the “Package Type” drop down menu below.

For more information regarding the shipping label services we offer, I recommend reviewing the following section of our FAQ:

I hope this helps!


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