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Hi, new user here.

On my template if I leave the 'Additional Item Cost' field blank it then looks like the additional p&p (s&h) is free for additional items which is not the case.

I sell all manner of used glass/pottery etc so the p&p on each item is different.

Is there anyway (other than in description) I can make it clear that buyers will get a discount but it will be calculated at sale time ?

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SmileHi King Vamboman, I like to set up my shipping and handling in the saved sellers details. You can either be specific or inform the buyer that they must contact you for details. I even have several sets of sellers details and profiles to use, such as for flat fee, UPS Only, Calculated shipping, and so on. I can even use different handling fees for different types of items. Takes a little work to set up but well worth it. Once it is done it is a snap. Hope this helps.

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