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I've been trying to collect my postage return fees from Auctiva and they have spun me around in loops!!

How do I get my money? Should I contact the postal office general?

I've contact auctiva 4 times!

I think I am having problems. I canceled my store subscription and noticed they are still billing me.

today, I forgot my password, thank God i remembered after 4 hours (going through a divorce) still Auctiva can not help me with a password reset link!

any suggestions, I love the Auctiva listing but,what do should I do? do they have a phone contact?
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Hi i.finds.u.loves,

I'm sorry to hear you have had a difficult time contacting us to get assistance with your Auctiva account.

If you still need to request a refund for an unused shipping label you purchased through Auctiva, or need any other assistance with your account for that matter, please contact our customer support team by mousing over the “Help” tab on our site and selecting the “File Support Case” option.

If you are subscribed to a plan that included Live Support, you will also be able to find the details necessary to contact us on the phone or through Live Chat under the “Help” tab once you are logged into your account.

If you ever forget your password again in the future, you can reset it by clicking the “Log in” tab on the site, clicking the “Forgot Your Password” link under the Secure Log In form, and then entering your username in the provided field.

I hope this helps!


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