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from a local news station:

the "Forever Stamp" sounds interesting...I can't see them actually doing it, though. People would be buying them in bulk and they'd probably run out. And it'd cut into profits in the future when prices raise again..and again...and again...
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from another article (on Fox News site):

While a 3-cent increase in first-class stamps would be the most visible change, rates will change for other types of mail also.

For example, it currently costs 63 cents to mail a two-ounce first-class item whether it's a letter, large flat envelope or package. But the post office makes more than 30 cents on the letter, 10 cents on the flat and loses money on the package.

That means the agency will be looking at shape as well as weight in setting new rates, officials have said, particularly in the face of a decline in first-class mail as more people pay bills and send messages via the Internet.

I've been around, just not selling anything!

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