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HAPPY NEW YEAR EARLY! (not really this does not make for great start)...

Post office decided to start new year off with a BANG!!!

For those who may not have heard...postage is going UP on some services with USPS Jan. 27th.

Here is summary (cut/paste) of what I think will be change for most of us. There could be other changes but this is what I found so far.

—Priority mail, small box, $5.80; medium box, $12.35; large box, $16.85.

—Priority mail, regular envelope, $5.60; legal envelope, $5.75; padded envelope, $5.95.

—Delivery confirmation will be free on packages, including priority mail and parcel post, rather than being an extra charge.

?? Delivery confirmation it says will be free on packages...NOT sure if that means lst class too? Hope it does that may help a little but not enough to cover the increases for sure.

This does not really address Priority by Weight so who knows, nor does it address zone boxes?


This may be of news to those who sell lighter weight items outside US.

It also will introduce a new global "forever" stamp, allowing customers to mail first-class letters anywhere in the world for one set price of $1.10. Currently, the prices vary depending on the international destination, with letters to Canada and Mexico costing 85 cents.

Here is link if you want to read entire blah blah. blah info.

Through a great friend I have discovered Fed Ex and saved quite a few $$$'s. Only problem with them is they are not integrated with ebay to print postage so have to physically put in information unless someone knows of another way???

If anyone knows about zone or weight priority please add to we will all know to be prepared.

Just thought I would "MAKE YOUR DAY!!!"
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