I would like to post my listings on the Ebay US site, but I am located in Canada. Is there a way to access Canadian shipping options when posting on the US site. I tried changing the country under the shipping, but it still only listed the US shipping options. I want to list on the US site so that I can list my auctions in US dollars or is there a way to do this on the Canadian site? Thanks
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Hi kingsman2010,

Sorry, but there is not a way in Auctiva to access Canadian shipping options if you have specified listing on the US site. You can't do that listing directly on eBay Canada either.

However, if you list on eBay Canada, per this link from eBay http://pages.ebay.ca/help/sell/intl-ov.html "Bids and prices on a listing automatically appear in both the currency you specify and the currency that's typically used for the country site on which the buyer is viewing the item. (Note that equivalence is approximate.)"

IF the item you are selling is going to ship from Canada, then you will need the Canadian methods. The link above gives full detail on options you have.

Hope this helps.
I live in canada, and would like to post to ebay.com not ebay.ca and in USD not in CDN, My research shows that items listed in USD are 15% more likely to sell.

How can I do that? Any input would be appreciated.

Thank you

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