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Hi AlanB,

You've got me curious and a little confused on what you are attempting. It sounds like you might be a US seller and want to sell one item on the UK site.

If you are a US seller and list on US site with auction or BIN open to bidders/buyers and shipping to UK, your auction/BIN will automatically appear on both US and UK ebay sites.

For instance..... I ship and have auctions open right now to both US and Canada. My current 11 auctions (see my store) are appearing on both US and the Canada sites. If you go to, you can quickly find all 11 by searching the term LtdEdn with "Search title and descripton" checked. That text seems to be unique to my subtitles on my books and is a quick way for me to see if they are showing in search.

If on the other hand, you are truely trying to list on UK ONLY as a US seller, I can see a conflict if you're trying to ship from US to UK for sales. That's because where you register and list assumes that's HOME PORT for shipping.

My best suggestion for that situation is an explanation in the description with no shipping info. Whether ebay allows that situation to occur is another good question I can't readily answer. Wink

Thanks dleckington,
I had gottten an e-mail update from e-bay about international sales, and I thought that they suggested posting directly in other countries. I didn't realize that if you selected international shipping for countries other than the US, that your auctions would also appear in those countries.
The e-mail from them said that while many foreign e-bayers went to ebay US, that it was also a good idea to post direct in their countries. Seems like a strange thing to say if in fact any post done in the US with other countries seleted for shipping would also appear in those countries.
That's where I got confused because al;l shipping options on other e-bays are assuming that the post is coming from that country and being shipped in that country.
I'll just update my listings to include the UK.
Thanks for the input
That suggestion from ebay is definitely confusing. After I messaged you last night I found the ebay tutorial on International Selling.

If you look at Step 2, the instruction on using "Worldwide" or specific countries gives a bullet stating....

Allows buyers to find your item from THEIR LOCAL SITE


I should also add, that I have in fact sold to UK, Canada, Mexico, South America, Germany, and Japan from listing on the US site with shipping to those it does work that way. Just don't know why ebay would suggest otherwise. Confused

More: Got a suggestion that should be a simple verification. Locate a US seller with shipping to UK and see if their item with same auction number appears on the UK server. That should be confirmation of cross-listing using that method.
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When I've made bids/buys from Canada auctions/sellers, the auction amount typically shows in C$ with conversion to US$ for me. I would assume any listing to a non-US ebay.?? would have you listing in that countries currency, i.e. it thinks your are a ?? resident.

I would honestly recommend you do an online support chat with ebay tech support before you do any submissions. They probably can give you best advise on non-resident submissions to foreign servers. I'm wondering if they thought you had International business locations and could ship from US or UK when they gave that advise.


Did a quick check on US Coins on UK ebay and quickly found auction 130202584381

That's a US seller in San Fran, CA with auction on US ebay and it's showing on UK due to auctions "post to Worldwide" status on UK and "Ships to Worldwide" status on US. I have dual-monitors, so I looked at both side-by-side to compare.

I know I've checked my own auctions before on other than CA, but just couldn't say I'd for sure done it on UK.

Just search that number on both services.

Hope that helps.


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