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CAn anyone help me?

I registerd with years ago! But I can never get into my account. Just for giggles, I tried it again. Takes my user name and email, but I forgot my password. It says it will email it to me (I have checked both my email accounts - still no email).

I remember this problem years ago too, where they wouldn't send me my password. So I've been locked out of my account all this time and I'd love to be a part of! (I have over 10,000 feedback.)

And I can't even email because they want me to sign in first! So how can I get help?
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Perhaps you used a different e-mail address years ago, I found that problem when I changed ISP recently and went to change my mail address on a few sites I had rarley signed into and had forgotten thier passwords.

Not a lot of use them sending a reminder to what by then was a dead address, I suggest you just register again, and then contact them, not as though it costs anything Smile

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