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Originally posted by Fran M.:
Can't figure out why this is happening as Auctiva accepted these same photos last year. I thought Auctiva crunches down the pics if don't fit.

Anyone have advice on what to do other than cropping the pictures as they are already cropped & were accepted previously.
Fran, the Auctiva Uploader does resize pictures that have dimensions larger than 1024 x 768 pixels down to that dimension. (FYI...our older HTML uploader won't accept a picture larger than 1024 x 768 pixels.)

However, there are also two other factors that can affect you (and I'm assuming you are using the Auctiva Uploader). First the the file size of an image image...the file size of any one image that you want to upload can't exceed 3.5 megabytes...approximately.

The other factor is that when you drag and drop pictures into the uploader window, the total of the file sizes of the images that you drag & drop there can't exceed 32 megabytes.

For use with Auctiva, you really do not need to use images that have dimensions of over 1024 x 768 px or have file sizes of more than 1 MB. Our uploader automatically resizes images that are larger than 1024 x 768 px anyway, so uploading images larger than that just makes more resizing necessary and makes the uploads take longer.

Hope this info helps.

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