I printed my first shipping label and was dismayed to find no option to decline DC. I will be selling records soon and some sell for as low as $1.98. I really dont want to give 10% of that back (already being nickled and dimed to death by ebay and paypal) Please tell me that this option will be there for us in the future.
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Hi rixdisx,

Thanks for contributing to our forum. It is not currently possible to print Media Mail shipping labels through our site without selecting either Delivery Confirmation or Signature Options, so sticking with the Delivery Confirmation that is checked by default is the most cost effective option.

This requirement is set by our shipping label provider and I do not currently expect it to be removed in the near future, but we will make note of your desire to print Media Mail labels without using any Special Services as a suggestion for future consideration.

If you need any further assistance with your account, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team by mousing over the “Help” tab and selecting the “File Support Case” option.

I send my packages via Media Mail. ebay charges 19c. I would use Stamps.com but they charge a monthly fee. Does anyone know of any way to print ebay shipping labels without fees or DC?
until this year eBay charged 19 cents for first class as well. to us the 19 cents was worth it and with the Insurance you can get that I mentioned (shipsaver in the ebay apps) 0.76/100 dollar US and 1.00/100 international beats Stamps.com. So far we have saved over $500 using it. We use Stamps.com's free eBay (again in the application eBay area) option for times when we need to print for our other stores. The free eBay option on stamps.com also allows you to input ad hoc labels. so free works for us. Consider it

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