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I think that either I entered incorrectly the picture I wanted to show for the 1st picture (gallery) or Auctiva has a problem.

I need to desperately get my picures reversed on the following listings so that it will show correctly to the people looking at my auctions.

Please let me know if your technical team can help me here.

Auction Numbers

Thank you,
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Art - go to images --> manage --> then look for the picture you want to have as your gallery. You will need the code that looks like this click and copy this code,

You will then need to go to ebay --> revise your listing --> edit picture and details --> go down until you see add pictures. You will see that there is a URL address there. Delete it, then paste the one from step one above in its place. Once you save this - give ebay a couple of hours at most, refresh your page and you should see the new picture there. It usually only takes a couple of minutes for ebay to update but if there servers are busy it can take a few hours.

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