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Hi All,

By the look of it there aren't any others having these problems. At first I thought it was me, as you do, but have tried again and it is still happening.

1) Deleted images not deleting.
2) Uploaded images not uploading (Java uploader using Firefox)
3) Retrying - uploaded images go into 'No Folder' instead of the selected folder.
4) In 'Manage Images' some rows (seems random) are offset to the right.

Anyone got any advice?

Original Post
Uploaded 8 images (200K to 500K) a little while ago using the Drag and Drop uploader from XP-SP3 and IE7. No problems.....

Site has actually been pretty well behaved for a Sunday. I'm wondering if the extra maintenance time needed Thursday night was for more hardware to throw at the slooooow problems we've had the last few weekends. Well, if there aren't any screams from the Sunday listers, that's a good sign.


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