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Hi Folks,

I've noticed over the past several days that I can't seem to stay signed-on at ebay. Even with a simple refresh of "My eBay" window, I get a "Welcome to My eBay for Guests!" screen leading to sign-on / password screen and using the "Keep me signed in...." option doesn't fix the problem. I've seen it on two computers, so it doesn't seem to be single computer related.

It even dropped me in the middle of editing for a relist, so it's more than a little annoying.

Anyone else seen or having the problem?


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For the past year I've been leaving My eBay up all day and refreshing occasionally. Sometimes I have to sign in again, sometimes not, but I always have to sign in more then two or three times a day.

And you're right -- "Keep me signed in" doesn't fix the problem.

I've also noticed that I have to sign in again more frequently when there's something eBay is trying to sell me on -- right now it's the new Feedback system -- which means an extra step in getting back to the page I was trying to refresh.
The problem seems to have started late last week. What's odd is the signon doesn't fill-in my ID and would be more similar to a NEW signon from a computer that hasn't had a prior signon to my account, i.e. it's the new/guest sigon path. The problem started same day from the two common computers I use during the day (not concurrently) around Thursday or Friday of last week. One computer is Win2k Pro IE 6 and the other XP Home IE 7, so it's not a brower or OS or single computer problem.

I do recall a similar problem once before that miraculously cleared in a few days.

Other than these occurances, I've never had a problem staying connected (signed on) throughout an entire day of work. It is really irritating to get in the middle of edits or relists or searches to suddenly have everything lost. Thankfully it's rare with the new Auctiva Relist capability....THANK YOU AUCTIVA!

ebay use to have a chat help capability with their Tech Support that I can't find anymore, or I'd ask them directly.

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