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About a week ago I noticed that when I tried to edit my description in an Ebay ad, it came up as Html code. Have been using Auctiva since February 2006, and this is the first time I have seen this problem. I am wondering if this is just a passing Auctiva problem which they are "working on", or has Ebay done something to mess up our Auctiva ads.

Or, could it be related to the browser problem I had last week? I am not very computer literate, so bear with me. My dsl is through SBC, and the browser stopped working. So I started using the ie browser, and it had some little glitches too. Then I downloaded foxfire, and am quite happy with that. However, could this have something to do with the problem I am having in my ads?

Anybody got any ideas?
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Well, now I feel totally stupid. I never noticed that they updated their editor! It defaults to HTML for me. (probably set that way in preferences from way back when, back when they first started having the new editor with buttons for bold, etc)

Just went and looked and clicked "Standard" and whddya know!

Course, the down side is that competitors have access to it. All our learning html for ebay no longer gives us as much of an edge. But, such is life. Least their editor doesnt have buttons to insert tables and such Smile Here's hoping they leave it as-is for awhile Wink
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