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I designed my listing using word and then pasted the info into the item description. When I previewed the listing I noticed the font was not consistent. I deleted the info I pasted and tried again. Still the font is not uniform throughout the listing. I also notice there is a white out area when using one of the templates. I had the same font problem when I listed my items with ebay. A ebay person said this happens when using word because ebay was originally designed to accept a paste from notepad. Does anyone know how I can paste my listings into Auctiva using word and get a consistent font to show up? See ebay item number: 220203292216. Why is the template showing a white area? How do I solve this problem? Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated.
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Hi, I just looked at your listing and the font is all uniform now. I do see the white part under the shipping section, it looks like you inadverdantly added a background color there. (If you didn't then I don't know what happened).
You could try highliting that part of the text in your saved listings and change to a gray background color that matches your template. Then save it, then copy the HTML. You'd then have to go into Ebay to revise, delete all the HTML already there and insert the new.

To tell the truth, I didn't think it detracted from your listing at all, and if you're like me and don't use HTML very often, you might be better off leaving it alone. Smile
Thanks for your help!!! I fixed the font problem through ebay when I revised my listing. When I tried to make the font revisions in ebay it would not allow me to change the font from bold to not bold. I had to delete the entire paragraph in my ebay listing and re-paste it again from word. The ebay button to make a area bold simply would not work. I am wondering if word is compatable with ebay and Auctiva. What do most people use to paste or write up their listings in Auctiva.

I still have a white area in my listing, but I am afraid to do anything about it

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