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Is there a cure or a fix for making the product search function work while working on a new listing?

I suppose it may be working perfectly however I have yet to have it find most items I have listed by using UPC or Keywords. I've really not tried by product reference ID as I dont actually understand what this is.

It seems like whenever I have searched for a product through the auctiva function I get 0 results and have to fill it out manually, however If I search eBay manually for the same product I can find the exact item, usually in fairly large quantities.

What am I missing?
Any tips from some of the veterans?
Are my expectations too high?
just trying to do the right thing, and man sometimes it is hard to do even that
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Hello answrtek -

We are not aware of an issue with the Product Search function failing to bring back results. Please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab at any time and let us know the details of what you're running into as well as some examples of what fails or saved listings you're having this trouble with so we can have a look into it.

- Craig
I am also having the same problem with CD's. I have also had CD listings which I have listed, unsold, then listed again from SAVED. The listing has been rejected stating "Condition Required" and also that the CD is in the wrong category (they are all listed as Music CDs category). Any clues?. The condition is stated in the correct section and when I check for an error in my listing, everything comes up OK.
Hello samedra -

As for the product search, please file a support case with the details of what you have been encountering and some example listings where you have run into this difficulty and we'll be happy to take a look into it.

As for the other issue you mention, please be aware that eBay frequently changes their category tree and/or the requirements for a given category. It may be that eBay has made a recent change that may require an update on our end or an update to the category selected for the listing - please also include specific details about this experience in a support case so we can check into it for you.

- Craig

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