Hi there. I just set up a store and am trying to use Auctiva to simplify listings. Unfortunately, it is not simplifying anything. It seems as though I just can't grasp this "profile" concept. I created 2 listings, posted them, then they ended without a sale. So, I went back to make a couple of changes and relist, but apparently, I saved one listing over the other template and now have only one listing template. Is there a way to save a general template/profile with everything setup except the description and photos? It seems like, if you save a template, it becomes your last listing. I don't know. What am I doing wrong?
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It sounds like you created a listing, then saved over it which is why it wouldn't be available when you were trying to do your edits during your relist.

What you can do is navigate to the Profiles page and click on the different profile options on the left and begin setting up your listing profiles. I pretty much have marketing, shipping and checkout profiles set up since that information hardly seems to change. When you create your new listings, you can then load those profiles in the different sections of Auctiva's lister page. You can also create a Master profile which allows you to link your individual profiles together and just load one profile at the start of the listing creation.

If you need help with your profiles, Auctiva provides some easy to follow tutorials in their Help section and they are also available via their support page.

One other thing you can do is use the Create Similar Listing feature available on the Listings page and next to each of your saved listings. This allows you the ability to create new listings from your saved ones that are similar from the original. I do this a lot since I sell similar items. This way you can use most of the same information, change what you need to, description, images, title, etc...but not loose your original listing.

Be patient, once you learn how to use their tools, you'll be creating multiple listings in no time at all! Smile

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