can someone give some tips on how to promote my auctiva store so more people check it out?
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- Get a custom domain URL if you haven't. You can do that on the store tab at Auctiva. We make it easy and hook the URL up for your to your store.

- Use that new domain as your email address when contacting customers. We forward all emails to your custom domain to your email address on file with us. Search engines such as google find your blog posts and add them to their search results. Thus the more you blog on topics for items you are selling the more likely buyers of those items will be to find your store.

- Put the URL in your eBay me page

- Put that URL in your email signature so that it goes out in every email you send.

- Write a blog in your Auctiva blog page every 1-3 days about one of the items you're selling or the industry that you are selling in. Or about current news in that industry, etc. They don't have to be long. A couple paragraphs is good.

I'm not sure if this question goes here..but I'll also send in a customer service request also.

On the blogs, I need trackbacks. Is Auctiva going to be utilizing blog trackbacks so I can ping the Auctiva blog?

I already have two more blogs and those are coming up in Search Engines and are showing high in the rankings. But my Auctiva blog isn't showing up.

I believe it's because I can't ping it. Or there's no way I can trackback it to my other blogs.

Thanks, Donna
Hi Donna,
Chasing you around the boards today,
Thanks for this info as well as the google thread,

Best wishes,

Paul. Smile

I received an email the other day from a NYT (New York Times) reporter Anna Jane Grossman in regards to this blog of mine. I did the phone interview yesterday and the article should be coming out next Thursday. A week from today.

That's my good news for the day...onto your question.

Southern Jewel's Emporium

I also have this blog
Auction Sellers Motivators Blog

I do feel that trackbacks they're helpful AND be beneficial to those blogging. ONLY if spam filters are set up correctly so members blogs aren't linked to less than above board sites.

I received notification from Technorati that I hit their Buzz Monitor..I.E., I was in the top five (out of 56 million blogs) searches for online selling.

Not bad.

I sent you this info...did you receive this and another email?

Thanks, Donna
(BTW, Auctiva is on the blog that the reporter found through a Google search)
SmileDear Princess Donna, I am so impressed with your blogs. Really I am impressed with everything that you do. LOL. I so appreciate your contributions to this board. I and only semi-computer literate. Stumble around and am sometimes amazed at how well it works. Do you have any tips for me. I am trying to promote two store. Ebay and another site I have just started. The older I get, the less I know. Eek Any help you can give me would be very much appreciated.
Once Upon A Find EBay
Once Upon A Find Gifts
Love to!

Email me at:
Suthrnjewl at Suthrnjewl dot com

I'm gone for most of the, my daughter, shopping for an all important new shade of eye shadow she wants <smile>, picking up the dog and more. But I PROMISE I'll answer your email.

Thanks Darlene!
Bumping this thread for Fairy Odd Mother..
I didn't receive your email..did you send one yet?
Suthrnjewl at Suthrnjewl dot com.

Take care, Donna

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