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I would like to suggest adding ProPack as a marketing option. I understand that I can only use ProPack if I list directly on eBay and not Auctiva. I also use a custom template from Auctiva so listing directly on eBay will not work. And I need the supersize images. Thanks! Keep up the good work! Smile

Cascade Coin & Collectibles
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Hi Doug,

Judging by the support requests we've received, I'm under the impression that it has been involved. Please try clearing your cache via the following process and then try accessing the Auctiva website once again:

For Internet Explorer, click on Tools -> Internet Options, on the “General Tab” click the "Delete Files" and check the box that says “Delete all offline content” Then click “Delete Cookies.”

For FireFox, click on Tools -> Clear Private Data -> Check Cache and Cookies -> Clear Private Data Now.

Remember to close all browser windows but one while clearing your cache.

If, after doing this, you still receive error messages when trying to access the Auctiva site, please post again to this thread.


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