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So, I have the Auctiva "Image Protection" button set to YES but when I go to my ebay listings I can still right click on the photo and copy it. Why is this feature not working and what can I do to make it so that my images cannot be copied? I sell photographic images that I have digitally enhanced and cleaned up and if someone can just "steal" my image instead of buying it it does me no good. And since ebay does not allow you to add a watermark...

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Hello holiwoodhostess,

I am sorry to hear you have had trouble with the image protection feature.   Unfortunately, that feature ceased to operate as intended on eBay when eBay removed the options for active content.

I have added your comments to an existing work ticket on our end to have the preference for it removed the account-preferences page of accounts.

Apologies for any confusion or inconvenience this may cause.

- Craig


Thanks for getting back to us.

Unfortunately, we cannot reinstate the feature because of the changes that eBay made to what is allowed on their site, so it is not expected to return.

Sadly, they also no longer allow watermarks as per their picture policy.

While it is not an ideal solution, some people selling similar items post a lower resolution version of their images on eBay indicating in the listing that what is for sale is a higher resolution image, but given the active content restrictions that eBay has on their site I am not aware of any other means to ensure images cannot be copied.

- Craig

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