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I am using an ebay store front template...and I want to change it to an Auctiva template or one I partially design.
My main question is:
Can I work on the design here on Auctiva and then implement it when I'm ready?
I think the answer is yes, but I don't want to go into it full blown right now and publish it cause I will be gone for 2 weeks starting Monday.
So I guess I just want to work on designing it then save it here. Is that doable?
Original Post
OK gonna talk to myself a minute and someone can staighten me out if I'm wrong.
I wasn't confused about the store when I posted the Q above, but now I am.
Each time I read the posts in this Topic I find those that say your Auctiva store front/template/design can't be added to your ebay store, is that right?
So, if so, I can create the store front with logo etc on ebay but will not be able to create one here that I can post/link to ebay?
I am not crazy about Ebays store templates, am I stuck with them?
And if so, why would I want to create a store here if I can't put it on Ebay?
Is the answer to that, that people do that to add it to their website? (Dont forget I am a newbie!!!)
I haven't gotten to the web stuff yet. Maybe it will make more sense then.....
OMG!I think I am crazy! Eek
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