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The quantity item on a new listing, and saved ones, will not let me change it to 2. I already have to spend way to much time here because of the piss poor editing features for saved listings. ( I could use a saved listing many times if there was some way to simply change a few photos without changing them on every other listing also) Now do I have to spend more time creating a inventory for 2 or 3 items?
Is there a faster work-around for this?
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Hi papa G,

I checked some of your more recent (last 4 months) Saved Listings, and they are all auction format. To change the quantity, you will have to change them to fixed-price listings (the option is at the top of the lister page, or you can do it in bulk from the Saved Listings page).

You can technically have more than one item on an auction-style listing, but that would require you to use the old "lots" option (which is not that common anymore.)

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support (under the Help tab).

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