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I read the great tutorial by Magie Noire, and I'd like to try to make my own template.

I'm curious, though... Can I put in a background and border, too? Will that be self-explanatory when we are able to access that part of the site again?

From the tutorial, it seems like all you can do is place the title, description, pictures, etc.
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Thank you!

I went to Listings > Custom Templates > Create, and I think that is right. But I still don't see how to put in a background.

I switched to Design Editor, and I see that little yellow and gray picture icon - is that what I use? It says "Freetiva Image".

When I click on it, it pulls up a box with all my stored images. But I can't seem to be able to do anything with them. If I click on them, nothing happens.

I'm not very literate with this computer stuff, but I'm willing to learn!

Thanks for your help.

You actually need to write the HTML yourself in order to have a custome template or you have to edit one of Auctiva's.

You can't just pick a background and have it make a template for you, would be nice but its not that easy.

Do you have something in mind that maybe we can help with?

If you have a background you want to use I can plug it into a basic template for you Wink
What is the advantage of making my own template?

You get exactly what you want, and its all yours. Auctiva's templates are great, I use some of them myself along with my own custom templates.

One advantage is if you like a totally uniform look. You want your template to match your store logo and colors and you want everthing to match. If you make one or have one made its one of a kind and no one else will have one like it Wink

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