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Hello, Just getting started here but I am needing a bit of advice. I will probably be listing around 150 items per month and I note that it is cheaper to open an ebay shop than individual listings. Questions I have can I have an ebay shop as well as auctiva listing my items or does auctiva do away with the need to open a shop in ebay? Sorry but I am a bit new to all of this.
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Hi Rik,

You can choose to either have an eBay shop & and Auctiva account, or just an Auctiva account. With an Auctiva subscription you get a wide variety of Listing tools, marketing tools and after the sale order management and processing tools, plus you get an Auctiva storefront that contains all of your eBay listings which you can use to market and sell your product! If you'd like, sign in to your Auctiva account and go to–you'll be able to see all of the services we provide, plus you can contact us to get help choosing which plan is right for you.


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