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Okay, so I am trying to put up some pictures in my ecrater store. Can I use Irfanview to modify the pics to the specs ecrater wants (i.e. size, square, etc) or is there another program I should use? And if Irfanview is the way to go, which version do I download? (I use IE if that helps). I get really confused when lay out a list of downloads and tell you to pick one, lol.

Any help with this, is as always, greatly appreciated!

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I just downloaded IrfanView the other day for a different purpose and liked it very much. I was having trouble extracting some images from a zip file but IrfanView was able to open them up so I could save them direct to the computer.

As for the download I think if you go to the "download" page from just choose any of them that say "Download IrfanView" (not plugins unless you want those also).

But as far as making square thumbnails I've also been hearing about A Square Image lately, although I haven't tried it out myself:

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