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Please take this in a good way. I am wondering what your affiliation with Wagglepop is.

Are you:
an associate



very impressed with Wigglepop

Sick and tired of ebay and really wanting a good alternative

In any case, I don't care in such a way to complain, but am rather impressed with your drive, and was wondering where it comes from.

I do appreciate you always selling a positive side of Wag...
If they could only see me now....they'd probably point & giggle...
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nope i'm just surveying the field and seeing where eveything is going......i just recently rechecked wagglepop .. did not think they would get any paying stores.. now over 440 in 2 months... that means the ebay sellers has picked the competition for ebay... wagglepop.. they are not going to bidville with a cheaper store price.. bidville would be my 2nd choice as best potential.. bidville is alittle faster and looks better than most off ebay sites... BUT wagglepop has this county fair festival feeling for buyers better than bidville and all others including froogle... so with ebay sellers picking wagglepop its not too hard to see ahead here.. late august there will be a stampede there when ebay sellers stores fees are hiked .. then in sept there should be a giant inventory at the Online county fair arts and crafts festival wagglepop....i think the 441 stoeres in 2 months paid at 10 dollars each has SEALED the deal here .. and now all the other issues and glitches will be resolved...... we will have the inventory here and we will have the county fair arts and crafts festival feeling... this makes nearly a certainty of success... i wonder if google is knocking down wagglepips doors right at this moment trying to make a deal of buying it??

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