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I am new to auctiva and I am sure that I will have many questions. I have been selling on eBay since 1999 and until now, haven't had a need for a listing service.

I have uploaded about 40 items so far and have listed a handful everyday since. My first question is about Gallery. I generally don't use Gallery as in my case, I sell better without it. So in turn, when I am loading my auction info into the templates here on Auctiva, I upload the photo for regular placement into the listing, but I leave the gallery feature blank.

What is happening is my listings on eBay are showing up with Gallery pics. (I know right now eBay is running free gallery so it's not a big deal) but when the special is done, I don't want gallery. Why are my items showing up with Gallery now? I didn't fill in that space on the listing page, so I am wondering if Auctiva is having all listings post with gallery until the special is over or is there something that I need to do to stop gallery from posting?

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If you're leaving that space blank, this shouldn't be happening. Go to 'marketing tools' on your listing page and make sure it's unchecked. But even THAT shouldn't make any difference, if you haven't uploaded a picture for the gallery image Confused
Go to the help link at the top of the page and file a support request, I think you need Auctiva support for this one.
Yes, it sounds like something Auctiva support would be able to handle. There is no reason why a gallery image should be displaying on your listing on ebay if you have not selected an image when you created the listing here on Auctiva. Neither Auctiva nor ebay would automatically include the gallery image just because ebay is having their free gallery image special right now.

Double check that your profile settings are correct (Marketing profile) and that the listing itself doesn't have an image selected for the gallery display.

Hope this gets resolved quickly for you.... at least by December 12th when the free gallery special ends on ebay!

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