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I am considering purchasing a membership to Auctiva to use as a listing tool. However, I was unable to find answers to some of my questions and was hoping someone could assist me.

If I list through Auctiva and use lets say 3 photo's for my listing, do I pay ebay additional fees for multiple pictures?

If using Auctiva's templates, will ebay charge me a fee for using the templates? I know that ebay charges a fee for this if listing through their site.

Thank you for your help!
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Welcome Fan,

No eBay charge for either multiple pics or templates when listing from Auctiva. eBay will "see" that you have only one pic; Auctiva puts the pics in the description so no charge for additional pics. And they supersize; no eBay charge for that either.

Regular eBay fees do apply like listing fees and FVF but that's it.

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