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I've had to file only one claim through U-Pic (Auctiva's Insurance carrier). This was about a month ago. It seemed simple enough, however the Buyer is required to sign a statement, so I filled-out all the required documents and mailed them to the Buyer with instructions to sign and date, and forward them to U-Pic. So far I haven't heard anything back.

It would seem to be a good system...

My one claim experience with Auctiva insurance through U-pic has been very positive.

An item that I sent Priority Mail, with Auctiva / U-pic insurance, was badly damaged by the USPS. My buyer was an experienced ebaYer herself, and we put the claim together, with her statement and photos, very quickly, and I faxed it in to U-pic.

U-pic allowed the claim in full -- 100% of the item value, plus the shipping costs paid by the buyer -- within 12 calendar days, 3 days prior to their stated expected processing period. I monitored the claim processing at U-pic periodically online, and kept my buyer posted.

U-pic says their check has been mailed, and, as soon as I receive it, I will pay my buyer the full amount, as I am taking this step by step on this, my first claim.

So, they've done a nice job thus far.


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