Just joined and Auctiva imported 39 auctions from ebay for me but I have over 750 auctions so is there a limit it imports. If not, why just 39 auctions? Is there a way for me to import more?

Does the showcase limit how many auctions it shows at a time and when does it change the auctions in the showcase? Can I change the auctions myself?

Can I make "Click here to browse all my ebay items" on the showcase scroller go to my ebay store instead of the Auctiva store? If so what code/script do I replace as I know my location code to my ebay store

Sorry but I looked everywhere in the Help and FAQ sections but could not find any answers so any here would be greatly appreciated.
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Quick note here... to get more immediately answers to questions on how to use the site, you may want to talk directly with one of our online support staff. You can do this by creating a support case here:

Tom is probably looking at all of your active/closed listings that are on our site and not the 'saved listings' that we imported so that you could edit and list them over again.

We choose items to import based on what items you've sold more than 1 of the exact same item in the last 60 days.

Eventually, I plan on having a way to select which items you specifically want to import. For now you'll have to create new listings or modify some of the items we did import to list other items.

Hopefully that clears things up a little.

I see there are 199 items listed in my Auctiva store so do you rotate those in my showcase every 20 minutes or so. Right now it seems to be just showing cassettes even when art or collectibles come up so I was kinda of hoping that maybe some of my artwork would showcase moreso than cassettes.

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