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I am sorry if this offends anyone, but. . and this is NOT meant as a slap in the face to commercers in anyway at all, but the system in general lately. I feel that some of us on the Auctiva/Ebay are feeling like second class citizens.

I have noticed in forums for quite awhile now and just tried to refrain from commenting, there appears to be a dedicated product support employee, and a backup assigned to commerce I will not say name of employee because on AUCTIVA/ebayland WE HAVE BEEN DULY WARNED NOT TO USE NAMES. (Ironically this policy does not apply to commerce). Furthermore, it seems that within 24 hours of an issue addressed in commerce forums, the product person has given a response quite frequently. I am not saying ALWAYS, I am saying frequently.

Sure has made wonder in past about the future and care for the auctiva/ebay side of business. Only hope I have that ebay will continue to be cared for is that new page currently under construction. 3 weeks ago, frankly I thought auctiva/ebay side was dead in the water and we needed to resign ourselves to status quo or go elsewhere.

Please provide EQUAL service to all of us! We are not asking for more, just equal. We would appreciate it if our responses were addressed in forums within 24 hours and not just redirected to support. I know I learn HUGE amounts from reading the forums and it is ONLY reason I stuck with the during the trying beginning days when I needed lots of help.

Thanks for the forum as a place to give constructive comments as well as in this case vent what I feel and others may or may not share.

Again, this is NOT directed at the commerce customers, as they do not control this situation.

Thanks again for a place to put our thoughts.
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lookandbuyme...thanks for posting this. it also represents my feelings.

i'd like to see timely responses on forum to those of us on the legacy auctiva/ebay side of the house. I don't mind filing a support request (unless its on the weekend) but I also want to use the community and the community includes auctiva.

I am also concerned about the future and care for us on the legacy auctiva/ebay side. The reformatting of pages without substantial improvement instead of attention and correction to the issues really plaguing us and consuming our time, is almost scary.

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