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I have opened a support case for this error over a month ago, was told it was being addressed, and it still has not been fixed as of today's date. Support Case # 434391.

I use Auctiva primarily for the consignment functions and tracking.

When I try to re-list a consignment item from the Closed Auctions page, here's what happens.

First, if I change any of the profiles associated with the original listing, such as Marketing, Shipping, Checkout, the consignor's name that was originally associated with the item disappears and is replaced by another consignor's name. The drop-down box with the consignor names in it is "grayed out" so I am unable to choose the correct consignor.

Secondly, If I run the "Error Check" functionality on a listing prior to re-listing it, the same thing happens. Consignor's name disappears.

Basically, I have to completely start over and create a NEW listing every time I want to re-list a closed consignment item that requires any profile changes or error checking.

I do this often enough that it is a deal breaker for me if you don't fix this. Not only does it waste my time with duplicate effort, it means I am not getting re-listing credit from eBay, so it's costing me money as well.

Here's am additional recommendation. Add a "Save" feature to the re-listing page. The way it's set up now you have to completely finish any re-listing changes while on the page. If you leave, you lose your changes. If I am re-listing an item, I may want to come back later and finish my work. I'd like to not have to start all over again. Plus, the re-listing is so unpredictable I want to save my changes often.

Please fix this consignor name issue.

James Hendricks
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