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hello all, new to the boards and fairly new to auctiva, have been using the listing software for a good few weeks now and love the change to the overall look of our listings and the ease of use for listing. re our EB shop, when i have added extra store categories in EB, how do i get them to show up as options to choose to list as store items in auctiva? i have added two more departments in EB today but when i try to create a new listing with auctiva the new departments aren't showing up?

pardon my ignorance Smile but are EB stores and auctiva stores one and the same thing or totally separate? if we have an EB store do we automatically have an auctiva store too or do i need to create an auctiva store? i have loads more questions but the answer to these would be great for now! thank you
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When you create or update Store categories at eBay, you sync those changes to Auctiva. That's found in the Auctiva MY ACCOUNT tab, eBay Settings page. If you do that sync, your categories will then be selectable on the Auctiva one-page listing creator.

The Auctiva Store Gallery reflects what you list at eBay and is periodically updated through the link/API with eBay, and is a separate Auctiva hosted page. eBay Stores are a subscription service at eBay that allows you to list using "Store Inventory" rates. Your Store Gallery template and other customizations are at the STORE tab.

There is a new Auctiva service called Auctiva Commerce. That is a new service for internet Storefronts with no affilation or linkage from eBay. That is a subscription service at Auctiva. That's discussed in a separate section of the Forum.

Hi Dave,

You're welcome.

Just post your questions, and any of us old-timers or one of the Auctiva folks can probably give you quick answers. The Auctiva folks all have Auctiva in their Forum names, like Auctiva Jeff (the CEO).

Make sure you take some time and review the FAQs and the tutorials at the HELP link (top of any page). You'll find alot of answers for the basics there. You'll also find the link for entry of a Support Case at HELP.

Have a good one.


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