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I am seriously wanting to leave eBay. As a seller, I am tired of working real hard to have 100% feedback, but getting ripped by a couple of buyers, that have the backup and support of eBay and Paypal, when it is unjust. I am sick & tired of being victimized by the buyers first, then victimized by eBay & Paypal.

I would love to know which auction sites are the best now, since I am looking to move out of eBay, but need to move to an affordable auction site that is getting plenty of exposure for sales. Can anyone out there help shed some light and give us frustrated eBay sellers some good suggestions for the best alternative auction sites? Thanks.
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I have been with Ebay for many years an I also hate there policy on feedback. As a seller you don't stand a change of getting the negatives stoppped.
Although I hate this part of Ebay, I feel that they represent me the best of all out of all the sites that I have tried. I have tried blu jay....ecrater which both are free, but sales are nearly 0.
Now I am very concerned as what Auctiva is doing. It started out free, but now are attaching a fee and if you are like me you can't stand anymore fees being taken out.
I think we all need to get after Ebay. which I have done and they say they are going to change it but I don't know when.
Hopefully this doesn't confuse you more, but the fee from Auctiva popping up has me very concerned. Ebay told me that they have no part of Auctiva.
If you have any additional info for me, please pass it on.

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