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truckmods, do you list on eBay Motors or eBay Motors Parts and Accessories?

That is the problem I am having. If I try to list on eBay United States (regular eBay), the 30 Day and Good til Canceled option is available. I've been back and forth with Auctiva Support all day and I told them that I cannot get the 30 Day option when listing on eBay Motors Parts and Accessories.

First, Auctiva support said it would be fixed within 24 hours, now they said it will not be until the 24th Update.

I just asked them WHY it cannot be fixed on Thursday nights update (the one they do every week), and I'll let you know what they say.

Most of my listings are on eBay Motors Parts and Accessories and it is ALWAYS an issue when things change. Seems like they "forget" about eBay Motors and just concentrate on the regular eBay.
Found This Message in the "Known Issues"

While we have added the new "30 day" and "Good til Canceled" durations for fixed price listings to the standard Auctiva lister page, these durations have not yet been added to the eBay Motors - Parts & Accessories lister page.

We expect to have these new durations added to the eBay Motors - Parts & Accessories lister page on 9/24/08. There is no need to file a support case about this issue at this time.

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