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Just got this from support:


We located a problem with our Cisco firewall that was causing the intermittent but extremely slow periods that began on Saturday, and we've implemented a fix for it. This should alleviate the intermittent but extremely slow periods that began on Saturday afternoon.

The overall slowness of the website during peak periods will continue until we're able to optimize some of our programming and do some software updates which should taken another 10 days or so.

For the time being, if the site is too slow to use effectively, please try again later. Rest assured we are aware of this problem and working on a solution. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you,
Auctiva Support
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good evening kids....i am not new to ebay or auctiva, but have not done listings for a while and was happy that auctiva started picking up speed in the listing process a couple of months ago....i am new to this auctiva community as of about 3 minutes ago....are they positive about the ten days for it to be up to normal speed (what ever that is...) I like many things about auctiva, but this is not what they say they can do....does anyone think they should remove the joyous happy testimonials that are extremely deceptive? ( oops, sorry for those out loud thoughts...) can someone in a very short reply summize the situation for this new one on the block....thanks in advance. ( i, too was looking forward to having 10 or 15 listings up today....and i am slow to begin with...)
Hey, I was just the messenger...I didn't write it! Yes, I do think that "feel free not to use it" was not the best communication for us to read. It was a bit abrupt and uncaring, especially since we have been waiting for so long. But at least we have an idea of what is taking place and at least Auctiva has posted an alert (my suggestion to them). One thing I will be trying to do is get all of my Sunday listings done no later than Friday morning. Hope that helps with my frustration. Roll Eyes
Try This...use a different browser. I have all the problems others have with posting...yesterday was absolutely the worse. Anyway. I have an aol account and use their browser. I was on another website and it was worse than this one for loading. It would freeze up letter by letter and make my computer freeze up. I check out another site in another window and no problem. I contacted their tech support and they suggested using Internet Explorer. Sure enough their website worked fine. They suggested Firefox because I noted that IE allows too many popups. I have been using Firefox and been bopping around auctiva this entire evening. Firefox can be downloaded to your desktop ( and has more security measures. So try using a different browser. I haven't yet tested uploading pictures, but I have been booted out once, no freezing, no slow problems!
I feel the 'bopping' may be because things seem to have improved a little since Sunday anyway,at least from the UK end. When things were really bad on Sunday, I tried both Firefox and IE, but it made no difference. If things are less fraught this coming weekend, we will know that the temporary fixes are working. Thankfully there is now a warning on the home page that delays are to be expected .
Keep up the good work Auctiva guys,we know you are trying as hard as you can to sort things out. Just keep telling us how you are doing! I for one, will certainly be sticking around to see if things improve. If everyone else has jumped ship, that will be all the faster for the rest of us! Smile Smile
Well, I just downloaded the browser from Firefox & holy smokes, IT IS FASTER than Internet Explorer & Netscape!! Even brought up my images fast. I haven't tried listing yet, so we shall see. I'll let you know if it's thumbs up or down because I, too, have lots to list & time is $$ for me & don't want to waste it while Auctiva is fixing the problem--in the meantime, I'll use TurboLister for now. Thanks--Cora

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