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We just signed up for a trial with the Auctiva Relister program. We're in our 2nd day of trial and noticed that it is listing many of our items TWICE!
They are being posted on eBay seconds apart and we've had to end numerous auctions because the relister posted them twice.
We initially liked the way the Relister program was set-up, but certainly can't afford to pay eBay double the fees?
Anyone else have similar problems or have any suggestions?

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Here are a dozen of the relisted items that posted twice using the relister program. Please let us know if you need more.

2592162665 & 2592162711
2592162727 & 2592162691
2592162752 & 2592162713
2592162784 & 2592162737
2592162815 & 2592162772
2592162837 & 2592162812
2592162859 & 2592162842
2592162890 & 2592162867
2592162907 & 2592162902
2592162929 & 2592162943
2592162968 & 2592162957
2592162989 & 2592162983


Tim (2112t)
Well, we thought maybe it was just a temporary glitch that the relister program was listing items twice.

To be fair, we gave it yet another try today and it's still happening. When we try to relist through the Relister program, it posts each item twice (only a few seconds apart.)

We liked the program but certainly don't want to pay eBay double the fees any longer.

I guess it's time to find another way to relist...
Have you tried manually relisting through eBud? We do that quite a bit. Just tag an item that ended as no sale and then right click and pick relist, done deal! You can grab multiple items but be careful because they will all list one right after another. If you need to space them out more then just do them seperately at the desired times. It only takes a few seconds so it's no problem unless you have tons of relists.

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